Vibration System Service & Consulting

  • Installation of New and Refurbished Electrodynamic Vibration Systems
  • Vibration System Service/Preventive Maintenance
  • Diagnose and Repair Vibration System (electrical & mechanical problems)
  • Vibration Training for Technicians- Theory and Equipment Operation
  • Mechanical/Environmental Test Consulting

Test Tech, llc offers a valuable solution to your Electro-Dynamic Vibration System service needs. We have experience in several equipment manufacturer types including Ling Electronics/ACG, Ling Dynamic Systems, Unholtz Dickie, MB Dynamics and other manufacturers with supplied drawings/schematics or manuals. Minimize your budget and keep costs down by maintaining these key service needs:

Installation of new and refurbished Electro-dynamic Vibration Systems

  • Save that installation cost when procuring a new or refurbished system. Evaluate system for specifications needed at your facility and proper operation of all equipment.

Preventive Maintenance - including a detailed evaluation of exciter for worn or broken parts, electrical analysis of system (field voltage supply, high voltage supply, field coil resistance and amperage, force current ratio, armature resistance and fundamental resonance), cooling system maintenance, combination vertical/horizontal system- slip table maintenance

  • Save costs associated with catastrophic failure contributing to high cost parts replacement (armature, field coil, electronic amplifier).

Repair/diagnose system problems including amplifier, vibration exciter, and vibration controller issues.

  • Get back “on-line” as quickly as possible to eliminate or minimize costs associated with outsourcing required tests while your system is down.



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